Dr. Todd H. Yamada, DDS, MS
Dr. Daraporn (June) Tanpattana, DDS
Specializing in Periodontics and Dental Implants


We provide the following treatment:

Periodontal and Endodontic Diagnosis, Emergency Treatment, Routine Periodontal Maintenance and Prophylaxis, Specialized Dental Cleanings (Deep Scaling and/or Root Planing), Local Delivery of Antibiotic/ Antimicrobial Therapy, Oral Pathology Evaluation and Limited Tissue Biopsies, Selective Tooth Extraction, Periodontal Surgeries, Jaw Bone Corrective Grafting, Sinus Bone Grafting for implants and Dental Implant Placement and Dental Implant Repair.

Periodontal surgeries offered include Soft Tissue Grafting for deficient gum attachment and root coverage, Gingivectomy, Bone Recontouring  and Bone Regeneration procedures for those with periodontal disease.

For Dental Implant procedures, our office is equipped with an Imaging Science I-CAT cone beam 3-dimensional scanner.  We also offer Dynamic Navigation and Complete Computer Guided Implant Surgery that involves optical scanning, digital planning for implant placement and laboratory fabrication of  drill guides.

Any procedure recommended will be explained in detail as taking the time to educate our patients is important to us.